The Board of Buderim Group Limited acknowledges the importance of a strong and sustainable dividend stream to shareholders. Directors anticipate that dividends paid will ideally be in the range of 65% to 75% of the operating profit after tax, however the amount declared will be after consideration of a number of factors at the time of making the declaration. These factors include earnings achieved and forecast, applicable income tax legislation, capital expenditure requirements, financing requirements, investment opportunities and the general economic and business outlook facing the company.

Dividends paid will be franked to available franking credits. Interim dividends, if declared, will normally be paid in April of each financial year. Final dividends, if declared, will normally be paid in the month of October out of operating profits after tax earned for the year ended 30 June. The availability of interim dividends will depend upon the company's performance in the first six months of the trading year.

For information on the current year's dividend, please refer to Annual Reports available on this website.

Dividend Re-Investment Plan

The company's Dividend Re-Investment Plan was introduced in May 1993. Participation is optional. 

Share Purchase Plan

The Company considers it desirable to gradually increase its equity component as its business expansion plans are implemented. A Share Purchase Plan ("SPP") being implemented in May 2003, will facilitate the desired growth in equity and will provide a benefit for existing shareholders by allowing them to increase their holdings on favourable terms. The SPP will also provide an opportunity for shareholders with less than marketable parcels, to increase their holdings beyond this level.

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