Mission Statement

Our Values

  • Respect, honesty and integrity
  • An unwavering focus on health and safety
  • Excellence over mediocrity
  • A drive to continually improve our cost platform
  • Environmental and social responsibility

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to be the leading global supplier of quality food products in our chosen market sectors.
  • We focus on continued improvement in profitability and value all our stakeholders by placing consumers and customers at the heart of our business.
  • From the farmer to the consumer, we create distinctive brands and trusted relationships that are mutually beneficial and focused on long-term sustainability.
  • We treat our people with respect, honesty and integrity, supporting them to reach their fullest potential, thereby shaping their and our future. We will be at the forefront of our target markets.

Our Vision

  • We are committed to building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships within our social and commercial communities.
  • These relationships are supported with the shared values of quality and responsibility reflected in our everyday activities.
  • This allows us to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible in our pursuit of long-term commercial value for all our stakeholders.

We create long-term value for our community when:

  • Our shareholders realise a superior return on their investment,
  • Our employees are driven to achieve and are recognised for their accomplishments,
  • Our customers and suppliers benefit from our trading relationships, and
  • Our consumers and customers are passionate about our products and brands.